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Step by Step solutions for busy women with hectic schedules
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Victorious Leadership Online Course

Must-have business program for every direct sales leader

· Powerful step-by-step business coursework
· Insightful worksheets and learning activities
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Victorious Wellness Online Course

 7 Step by Step videos, worksheets, and support to your sexy, confident self.
· Identify the #1 cause that is keeping you from releasing weight and zapping your energy
·  Stress-free meal planning/grocery list!
· How to turn on your metabolism
·  Much, much more…

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Entrepreneurship. Freedom. Success.

Tracey Vlahos 

Leadership Strategist, Speaker, Author, Holistic Health Practitioner, and TV Personality

Tracey Vlahos, also known as “The Lady V”, empowers women to achieve a thriving business/career while living a stylish lifestyle and embodying personal wellness, all with a greater sense of work-life harmony

"Leadership Training was priceless for my business! Sometimes it’s hard as a leader to know exactly “what to do.” I feel like I was empowered to do that! Just learning how to communicate with my team online was amazing. Times are changing and learning to adapt was so beneficial. And teaching others to do the same....genius!! Plus to learn to focus on our objective as a team, helped with distractions and increase productivity!! Thank you for all of these amazing nuggets Tracey!! "

Shawn Nelson
Top Leader, California

"Tracey is a natural leader that gives the best of herself in everything she does. She works with passion and professionalism, great strategist that put all her knowledge together to create amazing things. She is charismatic and a wonderful human being. "

Ana Legorreta
VP for Mexican Market, Younique Products

"Tracey is absolutely one of the most energetic and inspiring people I've ever met! She is very knowledgeable about health, wellness and nutrition through her lifetime of personal experiences combined with formal training. She has a way of suggesting "little changes" that actually make a big difference but don't seem daunting. If you're looking for input, ideas and accountability in improving your health and wellbeing (inside and out), I highly recommend taking the time to chat with Tracey."

Kristine Harris

"When I think of servant leadership, I think of Tracey Vlahos. Tracey is a dedicated, passionate and compassionate leader. Her goal is always to serve and empower women who want to make difference, support their business and feed their soul. You will always find her wearing heels {those of you who know her know!} and a smile on her face - she will warm your heart and fill your cup. "

Christine Stephens
Principal, BullRoar Consulting

"Tracey is an amazing asset! She is spot on with training and encourages the field to do the best that they can! She has an amazing system for training and I've grown my business and the business of those in my team based on the training I have received from Tracey! "

Lisa Dunaway
Director, Origami Owl

"Tracey is extremely task focused and delivers training & information in a format that is easily received and action based. Training conducted by Tracey always follows a clear agenda and leaves the participants with many action items to help them grow and build their businesses. She understands issues and obstacles from the field's perspective and addresses them easily and successfully. "

Emily Allison
Sr. Director, Origami Owl

"Tracey is a passionate, dedicated and energetic professional with a magnetic personality that draws in people of all walks. She is a natural on the stage and can command a room with her genuine joie de vivre and love of business. Tracey knows how to listen and more importantly is a student of learning from others which is a critical trait for someone who can expand their horizon and keep up with a changing environment. I would highly recommend Tracey from both a personal and professional level. "

Michal Avniel
Director International Expansion, AdvoCare

"If you are looking for a speaker/trainer with a passion for helping busy professional women understand the impact nutrition and wellness can have on their body, mind and soul - Tracey is your lady. She thoroughly understands the stresses of everyday life as a mother, wife, professional and friend and she comes to the table with practical and realistic solutions to today's health and energy challenges for women. She is a dynamic, high energy presenter and will WOW your participants with a message that will be long-lasting and life-changing. She's a winner!! "

Pam Herbert
VP, The Longaberger Company


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