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Meet Author, Speaker, and Holistic Health Practitioner, Tracey Vlahos

While juggling an incredibly demanding career and balancing the needs of her family, Tracey found herself depressed, overweight, and overwhelmed. Having a life-long interest in Nutrition, Tracey went back to school to learn how to get her body back. Thankfully you don’t need to go back to school because Tracey is sharing what she knows!

Is this you?

This highly anticipated wellness program is designed for women on the go who are looking to be their healthiest, strong energetic self again!

If you are a busy woman who is always on the go, and feel like you’ve tried it all, this program is for you. Don’t give up hope and accept that life is too busy to fit it in self-care.  You can be your healthiest, confident, energetic self… I’LL SHOW YOU HOW.

This will jump-start your fat loss with a comprehensive approach that addresses the top causes of a sluggish metabolism, so you can start shedding pounds fast and be your healthiest self.  This e-course is designed to fit the reality of your hectic lifestyle - whether you're a stay at home mom, a professional, or both… You will have the personal support to make it work for you.

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Get Your Body Back!

If you’re ready to release the weight for good and uncover your ideal body, just click the button below to join.

My Proven System in 7 Simple Steps

Through videos and downloadable worksheets, you'll address each of these steps in a streamlined and proven process to get you bouncing back to life in no time.

Step 1: Identify the #1 cause that is keeping you from releasing weight and zapping your energy

Stop cravings dead in their tracks so you can drop the extra weight and get back your energy now! Aren't you tired of the roller coaster ride with energy and brain fog? We'll waste no more energy thinking about food!

Step 2: Stress Free Meal Planning

Confused with all the information and all the different “diets” on the market?? Low carb, sugar free, whole grain, high protein…. Want an easy approach that will work for you and your busy schedule, that will change your life and body forever!  (No more fad diets or gimmicks!) I will teach you how to create satisfying stress free meal plans that will turn on your fat burning switch

Step 3: Turn On Your Metabolism

Learn how to adjust your eating patterns to speed up your metabolism!  You’ll learn how to enjoy your food more while burning fat faster!

Step 4: Healthy doesn't mean "expensive" or "time-consuming"

Grocery Shopping : One of the biggest struggles that women have is knowing how to shop and choose the right foods when visiting the grocery store. And while there are SO many choices and a TON of confusion at your local grocer, We’ll actually make it really EASY for you to shop, while saving you time and money

Step 5: Live healthy on the go!

Life happens and we need to be prepared. We are all busy, so how do we eat healthy on the run? Whether that is between meetings, running errands, kid functions, late night in the office or even dinning out.  All of these areas could be pitfalls.  I’ll show you how to mindfully be prepared and to make conscious decisions while dinning out and eating on the run, so that don’t leave you feeling guilty or deprived….

Step 6: Body-Shaping Exercises in Minutes

This is where we add fun movement that you can fit into your life as it is lived…not spending hours at the gym! You’ve already turned on the fat burning switch with the way you are fueling your body, let’s now light a torch to it with movement and supplements that keep you feeling good and energized!

Step 7: Breakthrough Self-Sabotage

After all this, what if you fall off?? Just remember no one is perfect… life is going to happen. It just takes a strategy for getting back on track.  I’ll teach you how I keep within 5 lbs of my ideal weight, even when I “fall off track” - because we all do!

Get Your Body Back!

If you’re ready to release the weight for good and uncover your ideal body, just click the button below to join.


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