The Book Bundle

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Step by Step solutions for busy women with hectic schedules• Book• E-book • Workbook In this self-help book, eBook & eWorkbook bundle, Tracey Vlahos teaches simple and effective lifestyle changes that will make a profound difference in your health and well-being no matter how busy of a schedule you juggle.           

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Victorious Wellness

$97.00 USD

Make real & lasting change. The Wellness Course includes 7 weeks of empowering videos, & life-enhancing wellness homework to help you gain the energy you need. You'll get all of this while managing stress, getting better sleep and even releasing weight! We'll cover:  How to identify the #1 cause that is keeping you from releasing weight and zapping your energy Stress free meal planning! How to turn on your metabolism How to save time and money with a healthy lif...

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Victorious Leadership

$149.00 USD

Victorious Leading Course is the no compromises, must-have business program for every direct sales leader. Just like every woman needs a classy, versatile little black dress in her closet to dress up or down, she needs the same flexibility, style and confidence for her business! Leading ladies, it’s time to take back your business, life and body . . . and to do it with style! You deserve to create the career of your dreams, without compromising your family or well-being. Let direc...

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